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It looks like it would be a shitty game anyway. So no harm done.

How is this comedy? Seriously, this is simply horror, I couldn't even see any dark humor behind this, unless you tried to show, that 1920s were wacky and stuff. Although animation was quite nice.

Comick responds:

I thought it was funny haha

Animation was beautiful, but how come this is in comedy section? I expected something else and got what I didn't want (although in it's own genre it's decent).

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When I close the game farming on low level bosses and I return to it it's on higher monster levels with no boss kill counts.

Fun game, but it's weird that I can't use my heroes upgrades on lower level quests. Everytime I do time attack in grasslands (or whatnot) I have my old gear from the time I started the game. It makes no sense when I get "quest failed" and in the bottom it's written "No luck? Try runes or upgrade your hero", well, it's fully upgraded from where I stand.

A fairly fun, short game. I enjoyed it while it lasted.
By the way, I wanted to see what happens if you reach China when time is up. As I thought, it crashes the game ;]

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I think figures still look too stiff (static), even if you tried to draw them in sort-of dance like poses.

BazookaBonsai responds:

Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.
I would love to know exactly how I messed up to make them look so static. In case you have the time and interest, could you explain to me how to improve in a personal message? That would be lovely : )


Sex - is the only thing that comes in my mind watching beautiful gal waking up in her lingeries half off ;]
Nise pose, although her hair looks to scruffy and too big.

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